welcome to the
rainbow bridge!

here you'll find shrines dedicated to passed pets that live here now! you can submit whatever pet you want, to honor your little friend here forever!

dog, cat, snake, tax accountant*, scorpion, any pet can live here!

(* tax accountants would be preferred to be left in the garden.)

PLEASE paste a link to an image of your pet! If you don't paste an image and I don't know you I won't add it!

Tevye - 13 (2006-2019)
friend of alex
golden retriever
"Best baby ever."

Satchel - 14 (2005-2019)
friend of morgan
german shepherd + alaskan malamute
"Grumpy old lady with a
heart of gold."

Ellie - 14 (2008-2022)
friend of lenora
german + australian shepherd
"Usually quiet girl with
a bark that could
shake mountains."