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"Crushed out on Soda Beach"
- Cookie (May 2024)

art trade for my buddy! lyrics are from the song of the same title :-) tried some newish coloring this time around and i really liked it!

"Maroon Laments"
- Cookie (Apr 2024)

had some vivid images in my head after i watched dreams of an insomniac with my friend. it's fantastic. i love alex

"Being of Love"
- Cookie (Apr 2024)

friend of mine showed me the song SPRORGNSM by superorganism and it made me feel so many things about aptsim... so i drew how it made me feel :-D it makes me super happy and i had lots of fun drawing it

"Period Piece abridged :or 'Thank fuck! God. you,'"
- Cookie (Mar 2024)

currently my favorite piece ever, inspired by compsigh's album of the same title... this is an album that means everything to me and i feel like i did it justice. please check her music out :-)

"After you're gone"
- Cookie (Jan 2024)

for desmond from lethal company. wanted to make him a piece and i couldn't stop thinking about this excerpt from Teju Cole's Open City... i think it fits him a lot

"Burning Memory"
- Cookie (Jan 2024)

for sigurd from lethal company. can't get this one log he wrote out of my head so i drew this. was listening to the caretaker's song of the same title while i was drawing

"Silent Death"
- Cookie (Dec 2023)

for sigurd and desmond. i was thinking about this time me and my friends were on an eclipsed Dine, and thought this would be a neat thing to draw with them, since sigurd is most likely dead when desmond wrote his log

"Will I ever truly feel alive?"
- Cookie (Nov 2023)

for saint rain world, drew this when I was listening to the song "CREEP U" by black dresses :-)

- Cookie (Nov 2023)

for tumblr user simcardiac-arrested! I love this little guy

"Lost Angel" - Cookie (Sep 2023)

drew this after I went to an Orbiting Human Circus performance, this dance got stuck in my head
so i wanted to draw it!

"Impossible Dream"
- Cookie (Nov 2023)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a wonderful series ...
after I watched it for the first time I wanted to
make something for it :')

"Appearing Unsightly"
- Cookie (Aug 2022)

a piece for an old character of mine. i'm planning on using his lore somewhere else since he's kind of real now... but i still like the direction i went for this

"greetings from megaptera!"
- Cookie (Jul 2022)

an ArtFight drawing for mysticetus on tumblr :-) I still love this character a lot

"Deep Light" - Cookie (Jul 2021)

one of the first pieces I made for rain world! I'm still pretty proud of this one